Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct. 3

Woo, last week was a doooosie. I got six picks wrong! Upsets er’where! We’ll see about this week.

I’ve got #22 Michigan over Michigan State.
Wisconsin over Minnesota - Minnesota could easily stick it in my butt on this pick.
#4 LSU over #18 Georgia - I mean c’mon… Georgia got beat my OK State!
# 15 Penn State over The Fightin’ Illini of Illinois. - I like Juice Williams but Illinois is not Iowa. I don’t think they can pull of the upset.
UCLA over Stanford- This is a toss up for sure. 3-0 vs. 3-1 unranked teams.
Notre Dame over Washington – If it was at Washington, they might have the mustard.
Arkansas over Texas A&M - This was a tough pick for me, A&M has the better record at 3-0 but they just don’t do it for me. Razorbacks get it done at Jerry's world.
Auburn over Tennessee – Are you kidding me, a SEC team that is 4-0 and not ranked??
USC over Cal – USC slipped up against Washington, and Cal got owned by Oregon, don’t expect for USC to slip against Cal.

#8 Oklahoma over #17 Miami –
Miami's attempt to bounce back after its first loss of the season won't be easy as Oklahoma comes to town. The Sooners have pitched back-to-back shutouts since losing to BYU in their opener. The Hurricanes have a 2-1 edge in Miami, where the teams haven't met since the Canes beat OU for the national title in 1988. If OU’s D line and O line come to play, it’s going to be OU all the way. The offensive line needs to pick up blitzes from a defense a little more talented then their last two opponents. The defensive line needs to put pressure on Jecory Harris, and make big plays. Harris was 9for25 against Va Tech… something to think about.

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  1. wisconsin ain't givin up the axe! 6 years in a row baby