Monday, December 28, 2009

How does it feel?

So, I've been asked to Produce a rap song for Travy G and his super blog. We've got a Melody, a chorus, and 1 sick ass verse. Imma drop it like its hot, cause I keep it real. Monster Trio is shooting the video. The director and I have some story boards worked up already which really just consists of me dancing in the back groung wearing a lot of diamonds and shiny suits. Not at different times, I plan on having on 5 shiny suits. So for my four peeps, word. You ain't never heard something so absurd. We walking like a herd, we ain't blurred, you're out of focus, Hocus pocus, we bring the locusts, like a plague. You say its vague, I say, hold up, wait.
Stay Tuned.


  1. Keep it real Funk Kid.
    Da Peeps be a classy bunch of ladies.
    That's real.

  2. How the hell am I supposed to write shiz to top that? Of even be equal?

    This is why you should write it all.

  3. Imma super exzited! You da biz and all dats crispy....

    No dusty ass musty ass cracker shiz for you!

    Seriously though...if you need some wardrobe consults gimme a holla. TravyG (Big T as I like to call him) can vouch for me. I'm the inside scoop...ghetto pimp style