Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uptown Uptown!

Shoooot, Look at me. 6 followers. That's worth 2 consecutive blogs. I'm listening to some Matchbox Twenty. That's right. Rob Thomas. Is it too much Tuna because its still 2 days away from payday Tuesday? Is that a blog day? What about, Too bad I had to work and I didn't get to blog Tuesdays? I finally slipped on the ice. Just after I told a guy that I hadn't yet. Yeah, God loves me.. I recovered fast like and back flipped my way to soft fresh powder and landed safe and sound like a Mary Lou Retton dismount from '84. It has a lot to do with the dress shoes I was wearing. They have no tread and are split at the toe bend of both soles. I wear them because I could sneak up on an angry squirrel in these shoes. I really need to get back to writing and recording. Its hard to sing in my apartment, because I sing loud. You gotta hit those notes yo. I should just record and not even really worry about writing right now. I have plenty of songs to record. I've got the write block anyways. Its like I've hit a, "I don't give a shit" wall. I need inspiration. When Travis came at me with the rap idea, I had a song ready in 36 hours. Ask him. I need a muse. I don't have anything to write about aside from broken heart shiz and you can only get away with that if you are skinny or have a skinny bass player that hogs all the attention away from the button that popped off your skinny jeans during the lead guitar solo in the 4th song when you were moving your rock star hips a little more than usual. Id write about saving the world, but I think I left my kitchen light on and I don't recycle. That's asking for bad Joo joo. Check out the music at www.myspace.com/jlkinman


  1. Do you breathe? I mean like between thoughts? I was going to count periods but that didn't seem too terribly challenging. I mean, I wouldn't even have needed to take my shoes and socks off for that one.

    Sorry you got the heartbreak shiz goin' on. I hear there's a town about two hours from y'all that has retarted rabits. Maybe you could buy you one of those...and cuddle or something...

  2. You could write my part.

    Just sayin.