Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Football and Beer

1st post! Hoooray!

That's right, College football and beer. How cliché? Bite me. I keep it funky. I keep it real. And that’s real. Each week I will be Previewing and reviewing a different beer and a college football game, more than likely a game played by the University of Oklahoma, although, other games; through out the BIG XII and a few other local teams. You will see picks, opinions, and vast amounts of ranting about play calling. Oh yeah, and also beer. I like beer. I’m not a “drinker” per say, I do like beer. 1) Sam Adams Light, 2) Michelob Lager, 3) Michelob Amber Bock, 4) Sessions, 5) Shiner Blonde, 6) Red Stripe, 7) Miller Light, 8) Old Fezziwig (seasonal), 9) Flying Dog Tire Bite, 10) Dead Guy Ale. I’d have to say I’m really more into the Lager.

Ah, Football season.
No. 16 Oregon at No. 14 Boise State @ 9:15pm on ESPN will be the game to watch tonight. I don’t like either team because, well they are cheats. Ok, ok… Boise State didn’t cheat. Bad play calling and poor tackling… OU really lost more than they thought they would when Mike Stoops left. I miss that guy. But yeah, Oregon, effing cheats! I’m going to try and watch this game; however, the blue turf at Boise State gives me a head ache so… maybe not.
Friday, Tulsa at Tulane will play @ 7 on ESPN. I like Tulsa.
Saturday, college football is off in full force with 19 top 25 teams playing. Three games to watch, No.5Alabama vs. No.7 Virginia Tech, primetime on ABC, No 13 Georgia @ No. 9 Oklahoma State on ABC at 2:30, and No. 3 Oklahoma vs. No. 20 BYU on ESPN at 6:00. Out of the 15 games with top 25 teams, these are the games with a top 25 match up.

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