Saturday, September 5, 2009

Opening Saturday!

Hooray Tulsa! That’s 1 pick.

Several teams kick off the football season today. This makes me very happy. I will be watching the Georgia Oklahoma State game, the Oklahoma BYU game, and then I’ll be catching the end of the Alabama Virginia Tech game.

#13 Georgia @ #9 Oklahoma State
As much as I hate to do it, I think I’m going to stick to my BIG XII guns here and go with OK State. OSU opens the season with their highest ranking in 30 some odd years. Georgia did put the hurt on State at Athens in ’07, but being in Stillwater, with Boone Pickens to pay billions of dollars to anyone and everyone, I think State will pull it out. The Bulldogs front 4 won’t put enough pressure on Zack Robinson, giving him time to throw the ball deep and make plays with his feet. If they beat Georgia, they will be favored in the next 6 games, giving them a chance to be 7-0 going into a home game against #2 Texas. #9 Oklahoma State by 10

#3 Oklahoma vs. #20 BYU
The Sooners, hands down. Not only is this my favorite college football team, but I believe that the Sooners just have to many offensive weapons and 9 returning starters on defense that will help them return to Norman with a victory. Rumored to be the best defense under stoops, the Safety positions will be the weak spots going into the season (2 of 11 starters that didn’t return.). BYU is sure to score some points with a deep threat passing offense, but can they score enough to keep up with the most powerful offense in the nation..? Look for Mossis Madu to get some hand offs and catch some short passes with monstrous YAC form the slot position. 2 1,000 yard returning running backs in Brown and Murry will also take turns breaking down the D line and opening up the play action pass. My only concern is Sooners Special Teams play. Will they stay in their lanes? #3 Oklahoma by 21

#5 Alabama vs. #7 Virginia Tech
In this Primetime match up, I’m picking SEC over ACC. Nick Saban promised to bring football back to the tide and so far, he’s done a pretty good job. Alabama is starting a new QB in Greg McElroy, but he still has the advantage of tossing the ball to a veteran receiver corp. I think the Bama D if going to be the deciding factor in this game. Look for this one to be decided in the 4th quarter. Alabama by 7

Everyone, enjoy your Saturday.

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